Rage Written

Things are heating up in the third and final season of our collaborative perilous mystery The Art of Drowning over on Jac’s TPRS site.

And darkness births — Rage. And still I am in
Its claws, and still their blood to me nepenthe.
Sanctuary know
I was moved to be King. But
In timeworn wrath.

A sullen darkness cloaks the wooded family estate. Tucked away deep inside the forest on its northeast facing slope, its 25 acres are surrounded by a 6-foot high stone wall. Jonah’s tree cabin is in the lowest part of the grounds, as far away as possible from the stern old mansion in which he only sets foot when summoned for the habitual put downs by his father, where the oldest trees form an almost impenetrable shield against any daylight.

To read the full dark and weird episode visit: The Art of Drowning – 3.4 – By Ash N Finn

Oh, and if you’d like to hear the music which gets a mention and inspired some of the words, let me recommend this haunting recording of Penderecki’s Dies Irae:

(Jac and Phil, my fabulous shipmates, can we insist on this piece being included in the soundtrack when we get that TV series deal? 😀 )

If you’d like to catch up on anything that’s gone before you can start right here.

Tuned Out 1.2 is brewing and will likely go up in the next few days, unless I suddenly feel like jumping onto something else first. “It’s all written” is my current favourite Harry Dean Stanton quote – I was recently binge-watching interviews with him on YouTube. Now it’s just the small matter of finding myself in that written moment when I am actually writing it …

8 thoughts on “Rage Written

    1. Headphones recommended, you’re going to find yourself in a dark pit then even with the lights on ;-). The sound of needle navigating the vinyl adds to the eerie vibe, and this particular rendition of it is just outstanding.

  1. Any music you choose is fine with me. Pendericki is the dissonant Arvo Part. Nils Frahm is making a good go of pushing the Eberhard Weber roots of classical/jazz/new age. However if cacophonous chaos is something you enjoy, I should unleash the archives on you. If you haven’t put on headphones and listened to “Windchimes” on SoundCloud, go. Here’s 2 minutes out of 70 (He said, gratuitiously usurping your bandwidth)

    1. Oh yes, I love the Windchimes, and usurp away. The Windchimes have to go onto the soundtrack, that’s for sure! Love the Weird Scenes Redux, and of course the J. S., the latter being a total must for the soundtrack ;-).

      Arvo Pärt, here’s another one that can inspire, of course, some mesmerizing work there, Silentium is brilliant, and the Stabat Mater is otherwordly, and and and …

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