It Has Already Started Again

Episode 2 has recently gone live over on Jac’s fabulous TPRS site.

Evelyn watches the young nurse make her bed. Fresh covers. Five days and three hours without a change of bed linen. Bee had known to change them every day.

“We’re short-staffed at the moment, Mrs. Blanchard, sorry about that. What with nurse Beatrice, eh,” the girl swallows and clears her throat, “away at the moment, and Steve out sick as well. There, your bed is lovely and fresh now. Not that it smelled like it needed changing badly.”

“It’s Evelyn, child. Do call me Evelyn, please. It’s not about the smell. It’s the sand, it gets everywhere, the sand, and especially into the bed. The sand burns my skin, you see,” she holds out her arms for the nurse to see […]

To read in full hop over to TPRS: The Art of Drowning – 2.2 – By Ash N Finn

In case you missed it, Phil got us underway with a blazing start to the new season.

Caswell was down on one knee, sand drifting through his fingers when the dog stuck its wet nose in his ear, pulled him out of his reverie. He put his arm around its neck for an instant before it was gone, barking birds off the Juliette Simone.

“Saw the video. Christ, man.”

“It’s just sand, Kirklin. It has no form, no stasis.” Cas picked up another handful, opened his hand and let it drift from his palm, between his fingers, watched the breeze scatter it. […]

To continue reading visit: The Art of Drowning – 2.1 – By Phil Huston 

As previously in Season 1 of The Art of Drowning, the three of us each take it in turn to write an episode based on the last. There are no set rules, and we have no idea where the story will take us.

Art used in the header of this post – by Jac Forsyth

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