Power of 3

3 writers, 1 story, no rules, no destination – what could possibly go wrong, we asked ourselves, and we have been having so much fun ever since.

Taking inspiration from one of my recent weird sketches of a wreck of all things, we have recently embarked on a journey which has us taking turns in contributing pieces of writing. We have no compass or map. Each piece we create individually is triggered by the previous one. Anything can happen.

If this has piqued your interest and you’d like to see how we’re getting on – if we’re going full steam ahead or are at risk of running aground, you’re more than welcome to visit the abode of our collaborative story The Art of Drowning. We already have 5 pieces up there, with the 6th to be posted shortly.

Jac Forsyth of The Perilous Reading Society hosts our collaborative adventure and it is rumoured that she has discovered an endless fountain of otherworldly talent from which her pen drinks. She has also created the PAJ and Art of Drowning logos which are overlaid on the wreck image in the header of this post. Phil Huston gifts us with his knack for character development through incredibly vivid and strong dialogue, and I, well, I’m letting my weird imagination run freely as always. How could one’s imagination not be inspired by phrases like “The dead have their needs as well” and “You look to the sand for answers and miss the storm that carried it.”

10 thoughts on “Power of 3

      1. Oooh, fish talking, cool. Oh, and I just noticed you introduced the qualifier creepy into the heading for my post. 😀

  1. Reading it and loving it! Have read the first two partsso far and am on my way over to read more. So much fun!

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