Bendix Autowasher 800 (Sketch)



  • In memoriam, because it’s gone, and I sketched it before they took it away and replaced it with a shiny new one.
  • They don’t make them to last this long nowadays. This one was with us for more than 10 years and already lived in this house before we moved in.
  • I just loved that it was called Autowasher.
  • I loved even more that it had a symbol of an open book on it with a written instruction next to it saying “IMPORTANT   PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTION BOOK BEFORE USING THE APPLIANCE”

The new washing machine whispers, whistles, and beeps whereas the beloved old auto washer used to rattle and drone, and made the floor vibrate and tremble as if to announce an impending earthquake.

The thought of earthquakes has now made me think of Haruki Murakami, washing machines seem to appear in his writing quite frequently. I wonder if anyone has counted how often. “Shutting his eyes, Komura imagined that he had been imprisoned in a washing machine.”


7 thoughts on “Bendix Autowasher 800 (Sketch)

  1. In have a rattle and drone. It sounds like a ship coming into dock when it starts up. Why do machines like this feel like they are a part of the family? I guess it’s the imperfections we love.

    1. 😉 Weird, yes, I felt quite sad when the faithful old machine broke down irreparably. And imagine, it “knew” the people who lived in this house before us over a decade ago.

      1. The stories it could tell, eh? I guess the writer in us loves that side too. I’ve just had to scrap my car, it should have gone years ago, but there are so many memories there.

  2. I love this! I miss my old appliances when i have get new ones. The new ones just aren’t the same. AND i love Murakami. Wind Up Bird Chronicle is my very favorite! 🙂

  3. Unlike you literati, I am reminded of the old Far Side cartoon where the dog has made “Cat Fud” signs pointing at the open door of a laundry appliance and praying that the cat will stop looking inside and take the leap of “faith.” Aside from that I particularly like the fact that the old Autowasher is sitting in the laundry closet at a “just ran an unbalanced load of towels” angle. Don’t worry. No matter how much you level them and try to be nice, new ones will dance their way around as well. Don’t ask me how I know that…

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