Gewürztraminer Sketch

It must be a seasonal thing that I’m currently drawn to sketching beverages. This is another pencil sketch involving a lovely wine which we recently enjoyed here. I’m still on a bit of a holiday from writing although my good intentions are to get back to that soon, too.


14 thoughts on “Gewürztraminer Sketch

    1. Thank you! Sketching that night was very calming. When the sketch was about halfway finished, my trusted old Bendix washing machine broke down, and since I couldn’t do anything about it, except drain it at that late hour, I returned to the sketch to finish it. 😉

      1. I guess it’s like being flour. You can add different things, use different tools and make cakes or pastry, or even glue, but the flour is always there.
        Man, I’ve been watching too much Masterchef.

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