Cath White Series Says Happy Christmas To You

The Cath White flash series has now arrived at its year end hiatus, and as has been so eloquently suggested, the monsters are going into hibernation under the bed for a little while. Or perhaps they’ll marinate. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’ve played around a bit and have compiled a no frills downloadable PDF of the 31 posts in this series – no frills is of course a euphemism for roughly formatted, but rather readable on the likes of Kindles or just simply on any PC/laptop/tablet as the straightforward PDF it is. Bloxp is a most wonderful thing and does pretty much all the work really, and it’s dead easy, check it out if you haven’t already. But I rant – not unlike some of my wildly created characters which is beginning to worry me, so I’ll keep it short from here on.

Happy Christmas!

Feel free to view or download the PDF at the link below.


3 thoughts on “Cath White Series Says Happy Christmas To You

  1. It looks brilliant pulled together as one piece. And man, that first line of the second chapter, ‘We walk and drive over death everywhere he thought,’ it just shifts everything to a whole new level.

    1. You’re fabulous, always so supportive and encouraging. Thank you! Going to let it slumber and marinate for a little while now and then see what happens next.

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