Tractors Tractors Tractors

6 + 2 = 8. My obsession with sketching tractors is still going strong. Arrived in our county Leitrim weekend retreat this evening and spotted two old red Massey Ferguson tractors and a John Deere on the drive up here. No autonomous self-driving tractors yet – just a matter of time…


And this is the view which greeted us on arrival.

Looking forward to the gift of the extra hour this weekend. Clocks are changing here. What a weird concept really this DST thing. Last time around we were robbed and lost an hour. So maybe, what if, what was meant to happen during that lost hour last time around is now going to happen during the extra hour… 

10 thoughts on “Tractors Tractors Tractors

    1. Haha, yes, it has been going around in my mind. I do think though that this idea of mine can’t possibly be unique and that surely there are already some takes on this topic about, so I’ve just gone and googled “the lost hour”. Guess what, there is a pub/restaurant in Greenwich called “The Lost Hour”. Brilliant, isn’t it?

      1. Greenwich, ha, that’s epic. I went and stood on prime meridian the for the first time this year. I know it’s based on an imaginary line, but it still felt really weird to do that.
        Nothing is unique, but our way of telling it is.

  1. They’re all fantastic! Yeah.. we change clocks here next weekend. It’s only an hour, but it takes my mind about 3 days to adjust…

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