Badass New Tractor (Sketch)

The future is upon us.

Lately, the autonomous (sic!) tractor has been in the news, and I’ve felt compelled to sketch it. Here it is:


I wonder how many decades it will take for folks to feel nostalgic about this model. The nostalgia cycles seem to shorten progressively. Adding a vintage style coloured version so we can get ready to feel nostalgic about it already.


7 thoughts on “Badass New Tractor (Sketch)

    1. Haha, thank you Jac, you’re too kind. I know you’ve been teaching this sort of thing, well versed arty person you are (bashfully retreats into dreamer’s cave whilst saying thanks so much for the encouragement ;-)). So, yes, I’m fascinated, imagine, these tractor robots could be the overlords of the future!

      1. They totally could be! They have a real transformer quality to them too, like when they’ve finished for the day, they just chill out on the decking with a few of their mates.
        Your art is beautiful, and it has has the same sweet depth of quality to it that your writing does. I love them both.

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