9 thoughts on “Old Tractor (Sketch)

    1. Ah yes, this old tractor has seen a lot and could tell us many stories. I confess that while sketching it, my mind wandered off into some of its memories. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. There’s a bit of a loose and ad hoc connection I think. I often sketch or doodle before writing and that gets the creative writing mind going. How about you?

      2. Me too, sometimes I go away and paint if I’m stuck with something. It’s funny how things seem to come to me while I’m painting. And driving weirdly. I write a lot while I’m driving (in my head obviously).

      3. I think painting, sketching, doodling (also music, as in playing an instrument) removes any distractions that pull on us otherwise and that creates space for imagination and creativity.

      4. There is a book called, Drawing on the right side of the brain, which says something similar. It’s about accessing the creative part of our brains by bypassing all the rational thinking protocols.

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