Tractor Football Sketch

About a week ago, the National Ploughing Championships were on here in Ireland. Given that I’ve been so irresistibly drawn to sketching tractors, I couldn’t resist this opportunity of creating a tractor football themed sketch.


If you’re wondering what this tractor football craziness is all about, check out the YouTube clip here.

It looks like so much fun to me that I want to go there next year to watch this firsthand.

For anyone stumbling across my blog for the first time, sketching is my other “thing” sort of on the side, my passion is writing and telling stories.

Should you be interested in seeing what my writing is like, please feel free to hop over to the Flash Fiction category on this blog. What’s happening there right now is a serialised flash fiction story (the Cath White flash series), which means that I’m posting short pieces of writing which all form part of a bigger overall story. The next instalment is due within the next few days. It all started with the flash fiction piece “Snatched” back in June this year, and since then it’s just kept going and going.

Thank you for reading my posts! And keep doing what you’re passionate about. Creativity rocks in all its expressions!

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