More Sketching Done, Yay!

A writer’s procrastination surely. I promise though that there will be another instalment of the Cath White flash series over in the flash fiction category very soon – it’s nearly ready.

When you live in Dublin like I do, you’re never really far away from the sea. You might forget about that during your busy working days, but there you are. Break a tooth on a day off, have to rush to the dentist to get it sorted. If you’re like me, that’s traumatising. My dentist is great mind you, but that doesn’t stop me putting a visit to the dentist on a par with, say, a torture chamber. I’m a wuss when it comes to dentistry, clearly.

How to best wind down in the aftermath? Go to the seaside to calm down and let the aspect of all that water soothe you. And that’s how this non-tractor sketch has come about.


Dún Laoghaire was just the ticket. A walk down that pier, a smell of sea – there is such a thing, isn’t it, I smell it sometimes even further inland when the wind is right, I’m not normally into pink, but that day the dash of pink along with the blue had me mesmerized.

I love how the water leaves its mark on the stone. It’s a bit like nature (i.e. grass) taking over so quickly on quiet country roads and lanes – no matter how much tar or concrete they put down to try and suppress it. It mightn’t be just as quick with the water, but you kind of know that it will win in the end.

Here’s what it looked like from far away at a different angle:


You just have to get closer and see if those colours persist, don’t you?

So that was my forage into a non-tractor sketch, but I’m still very loyal to tractors – and I do love the colour green (the only green tractors I see when I spend time in Leitrim are John Deere ones, but I guess that’s fair having previously sketched Massey Ferguson and Ford tractors as a testament to my love for red and blue, too – I’m sharing the love across brands), so here’s another tractor sketch to prove it:



5 thoughts on “More Sketching Done, Yay!

    1. Thanks so much for visiting me and for the follow. Barry Mill sounds like heaven to me, wishing you lots of success with “beneath the skin” (the brief mention of it on your About page and that it is a psychological thriller makes me think it’s right down my alley and I’ve added it to the list of books I want to read) and with your current work in progress!

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