Sketching Tractors – Why?

Why sketch tractors? – Well, apart from the obvious “Why not?” the answer may be a combination of the time I’m spending in North Leitrim/Sligo, where we see a lot of tractors (am in love with this part of the world, zillions of shades of green, ancient landscape, lakes, the sea – all of which is akin to a magic potion for the soul), and of the Cath White flash series being set in this part of Ireland, a rural setting, and the short pieces of writing which are all interconnected and form part of an overall mystery referencing and featuring this beautiful area (references are being made to some real places and counties, Sligo and Leitrim, and of course a lot of fictional places – the pub, the An Fidléir Dubh, is fictional (despite me having created a sketch of it and used it as the featured image of one of the posts in this series) but might resemble any number of pubs in Ireland; there is, to my knowledge at least, no hermitage called An Tobair Bán (The White Well) where people can go to remove themselves entirely from the hustle and bustle of this contemporary existence and have their mobiles, tablets, and laptops confiscated on entry to the grounds; there is also, to my knowledge, no Mindfulness Clinic on a hilltop in North Leitrim, it is purely fictional and I might want to point out here that my own personal view, experience, and understanding of mindfulness is entirely positive as is my experience of Leitrim farmers, and that the narrator of my fiction is just that, the narrator, created by me but not representing me).

So, here we go, these are my tractor sketches…

  1. Small Tractor


2. Big Tractor


Should you be interested in reading my Cath White flash series, here is a list of the short pieces I’ve published under the “Flash Fiction” category on this blog so far:

  1. Snatched
  2. Unremembered Now
  3. Shout Until Your Voice Is Lost
  4. Luke
  5. Blacky, Not Luke
  6. Punished
  7. Luce
  8. No Clues To The Past
  9. Ginnie’s Diary (I)
  10. Ginnie’s Diary (II)
  11. Junior
  12. Old Friends
  13. Henry’s Notes
  14. A Lucky Man
  15. Family Ties
  16. Welcome Home, Junior
  17. To Preserve A Memory

There is more to come over the next weeks and months as we seek answers to the mystery of a lost memory and encounter other mysteries and some interesting characters along the way.

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