Cath White Flash Series – What’s Going On Here Then?

Okay, let’s just take a quick breather to see where things are at and what’s happening here.

What’s happening is that I’m having a lot of fun posting short pieces of writing that are part of a series which I’ll continue over the next weeks or months even. So far I’ve posted 8 pieces that are all part of a bigger story.


The series kicked off with Snatched. Did that happen or was it just a bad dream, or both? See what you think after reading Shout Until Your Voice Is Lost and Punished.

Here are the main characters we’ve met so far:

  • Cath (aka Catherine White) – she has lost her memory after a hit-and-run accident (of sorts?); nobody knows how she came to be where she was found, where she came from; despite extensive appeals to the public no one has come forward with any information about her
  • Luce Robbins – she wouldn’t like it if I called her Lucinda; she lives in a caravan in a New Agers camp and took Cath in after she we was released from hospital; she’s practical, positive, motherly, and eccentric; I think I’ve grown quite fond of her already – she stitched her name written in runes on a throw, what’s not to like
  • Henry – we know about him that he and his wife Ginnie moved from Dublin to the countryside when their son was a troublesome teenager to extricate Junior from some bad influence in the city; he runs a Mindfulness Clinic
  • Ginnie – she is gone but not forgotten
  • MJ – Henry’s girlfriend; we don’t know much about her yet, Cath seems to dislike her
  • The old farmer – we don’t know his name (yet); he is evil and gave me the creeps when I wrote Punished
  • The wife – the old farmer’s wife
  • Peter – the old farmer’s son; he’s gone but not forgotten
  • The dogs – I love dogs, couldn’t do without them; there’s Lucy who I am sure is a good dog, it’s the owner who makes her scary (in Snatched); and then there’s Luke who turns out not to be Luke but Blacky

That’s it so far, I’ll better get back to writing so. Thanks for reading my posts!

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