Making Contact

This is a repost of a story I wrote last year. Reposting this in memory of my beautiful Collie who died rather suddenly on May 17th this year. New material to follow soon (that’s the plan). 😉

Ash N. Finn

Have you ever felt like throwing a poopy bag into an An Post letterbox? Well, I just did. And at the same time I was so not going to do it even though, let’s face it, it would have been quite a harmless thing to do. Mad maybe, yes, but low risk all the same – to me, the postman, and any other locals or even tourists who would come into contact with that particular letterbox.

It’s not as though poop inside a letterbox is dangerous I was thinking. I’m not going to blow anyone up by dropping it in. And then I didn’t do it anyway. The poop inside the bag ended up in my own bin. Sane citizen that I am and have been all my life. Fitting in, nothing too mad. Not for anyone to see at least.

I wonder though if there is some sort of…

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