Speculum Veritatis II


About not of, mum, it’s worried about. Sean shook his head and smiled to himself. He missed her and hoped that the Doc would give the OK for him to go over to England to visit her and this whacky friend of hers. It would be better not to mention Meredith to him. The Doc was fussy and determined to keep Sean’s transformation on a linear path, in a low risk environment. The latter being right under the Doc’s nose from where he could ensure progress moved forward in a straight line and neither sideways nor backward. This was why Sean had not actually seen his mum since the incident which had prompted her to move away to England, why June had to be sacrificed. Meredith somehow did not sound like anything the Doc would categorise under low risk environment.

Sean turned his attention back to his inbox and opened the email from the mysterious sender spec.veritatis@mundum.com.

We capture your ghosts and set you free.

At Speculum Veritatis Unlimited we offer centuries of expertise in revealing the most hidden truths about who or what haunts those of us who feel out of place or out of time.

“That’s a load of crap,” Sean muttered and was about to close the email when he realised that new content was being added to it in response to his thought.

You may think this is a load of crap.

The letters appeared before his eyes. “Holy shit,” Sean thought.

Now, now, there is no need for profanity. We are obviously very open-minded based on centuries of networking and non-conformity with any mainstream systems of belief but we do not condone mindless and uncalled for swearing. We have assigned one of our most highly qualified contemporary staff members, Sister Denunziata, to liaising with you directly within six days from today. The next communication will be directly from and through her. If you do not hear from Sis Denun within the aforementioned timeframe, please register a complaint with us at http://spec-veritatis.com/complaints/contemporary/sean

Before he could wonder too much about how this weird crowd knew his name and contact details Sean’s mobile rang and a sonorous alto voice intoned, “Hello Sean, I believe you have been expecting my call?”

“If you are Meredith’s dark woman then I’m not supposed to talk to you. What’s going on here and is the Doc in on this?”

“No, Sean, our organisation is totally outside your father’s frame of vision and control. Does this make you feel more at ease? As to this Meredith, the name doesn’t ring a bell. It did not emerge as part of the Carr family profile which I received prior to making contact. Is she of importance to you?”

“Maybe, maybe not, I don’t know yet. Why are you contacting me? What do you want from me?”

“We want to help you share the truth with yourself and with us. Let us take your picture. It won’t be an ordinary picture of course. It will show you as you are now with whoever is haunting you right now. Are you up for that?”

“What if I say no, if I just want to be left in peace, if I  just want ordinary instead of whatever weird stuff you represent, Sis?”

“You won’t be able to resist the urge to know, the wish to see.”

“But I already know who is haunting me and to acknowledge her, to visualise and invite her back into my memory would be against the Doc’s rules. So what’s the point in taking my picture if it doesn’t reveal anything new and there’s nothing I can do about it anyway?”

“The point is that you can, Sean. Don’t let her vanish altogether, that’s my advice to you.”

“You obviously don’t know as much about me as you think you do. She’s dead to me now. That’s the deal I have with the Doc. We couldn’t even talk to each other now if I hadn’t made this deal. So leave me alone, will you!”

“I will if you manage to tell me to do so to my face. Let’s skype, okay? Or are you afraid of a face to face conversation?”

“Of course not! But I’m not on Skype yet.”

“You are now, bro.”

And sure enough, a chime started on his laptop and a prompt to answer a video call from SisD appeared on his screen. He opted for yes. What the hell.

(c) Ash N. Finn, 2013

To be continued in the coming months. Perhaps.

One thought on “Speculum Veritatis II

  1. So, Ash, how do I get one of these emails? Not sure all my hauntings would fit in one pic though. 🙂 I’ve missed your writing. Are you winding down? Taking a rest? Giving it up?

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