Wazzup Now – Doodling?

While I was walking my dog after work this evening my mind went into doodle mode and I had this idea of embarking on a doodle Google search using the titles of all the flash fiction pieces I had posted last month. I’m calling this exercise the May Google April Titles Doodle (MGATD). Bit silly? Yeah, maybe. Fun though, for me at least.

My rules for the MGATD are:

1. Write each April flash fiction post title on a scrap of paper, roll up, throw into a hat, shake thoroughly … You get the idea.

2. Establish random order of Google searches via pulling the titles from the hat consecutively.

3. Use the scraps of paper to create a doodle.

4. Insert result of rule number 3 into this post (never mind if it doesn’t look very artistic).

5. Google each title in the sequence established via rule number 2, select search results based on that sequence. What I mean here is that say if “Lost” happened to be the 10th title pulled from the hat then I’d have to select the 10th search result Google lists for this word.

6. Share outcome of rule number 5 here. Weird but simple.

7. Lastly, using Google once more, check if the acronym MGATD already exists elsewhere and what it may mean in a saner context.

OK, here goes in compliance with rule number 6 …

[1] IRISH QUAKER capital was involved in some of the most important business developments in Europe in the 19th century.

[2] They were stars on this stage, each playing to an audience of two: the passion of their pretense created the actuality.

[3] Temperance is here considered as one of the four cardinal virtues.

[4] She replied, “Ahh, you look like the right type” and ran off.

[5] Karin’s World: Making Contact.

[6] Galaxy Nexus ICS Easter egg located, nothing major, but still Cool.

[7] Fresh powder works best—make a snow angel right after a storm, when the  snow is untouched.

[8] Visions Of Intrusion.

[9] Motorcycle lost in Japan tsunami found on Canadian island.

[10] To connect with Madness, sign up for Facebook today.

[11] May Day Was Topsy-Turvy For Drivers Too.

Well, my search for the acronym MGATD came up empty. FGATD was suggested instead and that means Flight Gear Aviation Training Device.

4 thoughts on “Wazzup Now – Doodling?

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Much appreciated. Finding your blog very intriguing also and will visit you back ever so often.

  1. I absolutely love the intensely worked randomness of this project. Each step mixed random/logic/random until the output is absolutely completely original in a way few things can be. Silly? Not so much. Stretching the world-skin can be done with knives and sharp words…or silliness and feathers. I prefer feathers. 😉

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