Snow Angel

This could well be it now Sam thought. God, I am such a loser. That naggin of rum was awful. Sam spread his arms out sideways, cold fingers scraping patterns into the snow. Up and down, up and down. Left hand touching cold and clammy glass. Thumb exploring its curve and sliding upwards to its neck. Hand gripping it now and lifting to mouth. Damn, not a drop of rum left. Can’t get warm. Is this going to be it now?

He could just see it. Morning papers saying, “Disgraced Dr. Sam Costigan of Blackrock Clinic found frozen to death near lock 2. Dr. Costigan who had been reported missing by his wife at 9 pm yesterday evening…”

Hang on, would Breda actually report him missing? Perhaps not. No, most certainly not. Well, scrap the reported missing by wife then. “He was found near the banks of the Grand Canal at 7.15 am this morning by a local woman walking her dog. ‘He looked like a snow angel,’ the woman was reported to have said, ‘If I had known that this was the guy who got kicked out of the clinic, I would have just walked on.'”

(C) Ash N. Finn, 2012

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