“Did he really say topsy-turvy in the staff meeting?”

“Yeah,” Joe giggles, “and you should have seen her then. She went purple.”

It’s going to be difficult to extract much useful information from this joker, but he’ll give it his best.

“What exactly did he say?”

Joe frowns and presses his lips together. At least he’s trying hard to remember. It’s like his mouth has disappeared completely. No wonder his colleagues call him Dilbert.

“Can’t remember the exact words now, but it was something along the lines that she’d had a topsy-turvy ride of a few months, blah blah blah, and fair play to her for having steadied the ship.”

“You think they had an affair maybe, these two?”

“Don’t know. Anything’s possible, I guess. Although, he’s an ugly frog. Wouldn’t have thought he was in her league lookswise. Look at her. She’s a stunner.”

He nods and scratches his chin.

“Opposites attract. Maybe. Or maybe there was another reason she blushed?”

The man without mouth gives him a blank stare. Then shrugs.

“She looks rather pale now …”

“Was she wearing the same clothes at the meeting earlier? Do you remember?”

“Yeah, she was. She always shows off her cleavage. She didn’t have that scarf on her though,” Joe giggles nervously, “Hope you don’t think that I …”

“Of course not. What do you think your big chief meant when he said she steadied the ship. What ship was he talking about?”

“No idea really. He always talks bullshit like that. Hey, shouldn’t you wear gloves or something when you do that?”

Mike reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a pair of surgical gloves.

“This is gross. Who would have done such a thing?”

He holds the slimy frog by one of its hind legs and lets it dangle in front of Joe’s face.

Joe recoils and starts retching.

“First I see a dead swan floating upside down in the canal during my morning walk. Couldn’t eat breakfast after that. And now I won’t be able to stomach any dinner.”

“Well, look at the bright side, Joe. At least you’re alive.”

(c) Ash N. Finn, 2012

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